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Ministry Opportunity in Western Colorado

We are also currently seeking a 12 to 15 month youth intern!

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Youth Ministry Summer Internship

Late May  – Mid August 2023 – dates to be determined

Come serve and hang out with us in Western Colorado!

You may be the special one who God is calling to our church! This is our 28th year of providing dynamic intern opportunities in youth and children’s ministry. We are located in Montrose, Colorado, with access to exciting outdoor activities and adventure. Our intern program includes working with an intern team in relational ministry, learning from a great team of leaders and staff, and getting the opportunity to design and implement a variety of programs and events. This is hands-on learning in a great multi-generational church. The 2023 summer intern program runs from late May through mid-August. The exact dates are still to be determined. We provide room and board with a host family, a weekly stipend, and a scholarship or payment at the end of the summer. Open to college students, 19 years or older, who have a dynamic and mature faith, and who are teachable, lovable, and fun!

Note: Some schools may allow you to earn credits with this summer internship.

Testimonials About Our Intern Program

My summer at FPC in 2018 was life-changing. Being fully immersed in a new environment with people I didn’t know was the scariest thing I had done in my 19 years of life, and I am so glad I took the risk! Through the process of overcoming fears and stepping into confidence to serve and lead, I felt so supported by the amazing community that surrounded me. The intentionality of the family at FPC is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I felt so encouraged to grow by the many mentors, leaders, and other interns that I was blessed to get to know. As a result of that support, I was able to pour even more deeply into relationships I was building with youth. This experience unlocked a desire in my heart to minister to students that I didn’t even know existed and led me down the path I am currently on, serving as an assistant youth director in my hometown. If the idea of stepping into the unknown is daunting to you, then I promise this internship is a place for you to bring that fear and let the Lord teach you how to overcome it like He taught me!  ~Alyssa Kirch

My first summer was in 2003 and I loved it so much that I returned in 2005. Montrose is a special town and FPC is an amazing congregation that fully supports the intern program. Through this program, I became more comfortable in leading students through their own faith journey and grew in my own spiritual life alongside the students I was ministering to. I miss you, FPC!      ~Briana Eicheldinger

My intern summer was the best summer of my life. I really believe that it changed the direction of my life in amazing ways. It was hard and filled with a lot of growth and challenges – but it was magical. Maybe it was the mountains. Maybe it was all the grace and love I experienced. Maybe it was some Clader and Jensen cooking and hospitality. Maybe it was God and His goodness. Either way, I’ve traveled the world and Montrose is still my favorite place. Two years later, my experience at FPC got me to move to CO and work at FPC Colorado Springs.       ~Dani Patterson

Thanks for everything! Interning at FPC Montrose was a great experience! The opportunity to learn what it means to be a part of a community and to have applicable experience in youth ministry helped me to grow as a person and a leader. The people I lived, worked, and communed with were impactful and fun! I made great friends and meaningful connections with kids. Though I did not remain in youth ministry I developed skills and relationships that I will always value.  All my best from Michigan. ~Tamara Pischke, Summer 2007 Intern

In the summer of 2003, I came to FPC Montrose completely clueless about ministry. By the end of that summer, I came to a clear understanding that God had not in fact messed up when he called me into ministry. My summer in Montrose kindled my passion for Youth Ministry and started me on the road to where I am today. I can’t say enough about the wonderful congregation and students I had a chance to meet that summer. While I came to serve, I recognize now that my experience taught me far more about myself and who God was calling me to than I ever imagined. ~Rev. Brian Wallace, Assoc. Pastor for Youth & Outreach, Hampton Pres. Church

Although I did not go into ministry full time, what I learned during my two internships at FPC has impacted how approach being a teacher. Many of the lessons I learned during this time, helped me be a better teacher, colleague, and mentor. The LORD used the internship to refine me.       ~Abigail Stetson

I was an intern in 1998 right out of high school. Looking back, I was unprepared for the challenges of that summer. It was the third year of the intern program at First Presbyterian Church, and while the previous years of the program had gone smoothly, we had some rough group dynamics within our internship team because of individuals who weren’t ready to be part of a team. While it wasn’t necessarily fun, that summer was a time of great spiritual growth for me. Based off the 15 years of successful intern summers since then, I feel the church learned from that summer to improve the intern program. In the midst of the struggles, I had great support from the church leaders and church congregation. I made great friendships with the other interns, and got to be part of meaningful ministry opportunities with the kids in Montrose. Not all ministry experiences are “homeruns,” sometimes you have to settle for a base hit now and then. The important thing is to always have an open mind. Coupled with the Word of God and prayer, you can grow and learn in any situation.  ~Graham Trenda

Doing the FPC internship summer of 2013 was one of the best growing experiences that I have ever had. The leadership is fantastic. They push you to grow and challenge you to not stay stagnant in your faith. The organization of leadership allows for you to be poured into as you pour into the students. The students that I worked with were amazing. There was never a dull moment. They always made me laugh. FPC takes interns in and makes them feel like part of a family. A family that pushes you to be your best, a family that encourages you, nourishes you and ultimately cares about you becoming closer to Jesus.      ~Brittany (Stringer) Fields

My 2004 summer internship at FPC in Montrose was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Having the chance to work with incredible families while enjoying the beautiful outdoors is something that I will never forget. I still reflect back on my time there and am so thankful for such a wonderful opportunity. ~Jason Kershner

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